Edge Computing: what it is and why it could be our future

The millions of devices in the Internet of Things that surround us have a problem: they collect information, but they don't do anything with it. They send it to the cloud, where large data centres process it to draw certain conclusions or trigger certain events. This "passive" functioning of all these devices is what Edge Computing wants to change, a type of philosophy applicable especially in business and industrial scenarios that brings much more autonomy to all these devices, making them...

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WiFi 7: all the features of the WiFi standard of the future

WiFi 7 will be the next standard for our devices, landing under the promise of offering a great leap in speed and a significant improvement in bandwidth. Faster, with lower latency, and already in testing to be a reality in the not-too-distant future. These are all the news and information about WiFi 7, the successor to WiFi 6, which will also surpass the current WiFi 6E. When WiFi 7 will arrive The official arrival of WiFi 7 is tentatively scheduled for May 2024. Although there are almost...

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