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Who We Are

Traditions and Innovations

ER TLC’s mission is to provide telecommunications operators, service providers and end users with the technology necessary to connect end-point devices and ensure access to the main networks for E2E managed services.

We are constantly searching for and providing products and solutions that meet all quality requirements, comply with the major standards, and offer ease of use, efficiency, and optimal performance.

Due to our extensive engineering, production, and marketing knowledge, we assist system integrators with product definition, ensuring sales and assistance based on decades of industry experience.

About Us


ER TLC’s customers include landline and mobile phone operators, Internet service providers, utilities, transportation industries, airport networks, and military and government networks. We distribute products with a wide range of functionalities. This allows more applications to facilitate and guarantee access to all types of communication networks, including IIoT, TDM, IP, MPLS, SDH, xWDM optical, wireless (short-haul unlicensed, long-haul licensed and cellular) and legacy.

As the smallest company among distribution giants, the ER TLC organisation offers rapid and customised responses to meet its customers’ specific needs.

High Quality Standards

We collaborate directly with the best manufacturers by developing specific solutions for each case with the best quality standards.

Modern Solutions

The solutions offered are the result of constant research and careful selection of partners.

Experienced Team

Our working group is certified, qualified and constantly updated.

Inspections & Accreditation

ISO-9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certificates

Global Connections

Our decades-long presence in the sector has led us to consolidate a network of relationships and contacts with suppliers from all over the world.

Positive Reviews

The satisfaction of our customers derives from a careful, flexible proposal studied together with the producers.