Smarter Operations Using IoT & Industry 4.0. What To Expect?

IoT & Industry 4.0… What should we expect for 2020?


Recent ‘Industry 4.0’ IoT data collected from GlobalData’s tracker indicates that many organisations are moving towards adding to their current industrial control systems with the use of more advanced IoT intelligence. Rather than simply using IoT for monitoring, the expectation for 2020 and beyond, is Industry 4.0 will play an increasingly stronger role in controlling and operating such industrial processes.

For example, machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions have previously networked connectivity to simply monitor the condition or location of an object. The aim of Industry 4.0 not only connects machines for monitoring but is able to provide essential data and information to give valuable insights to companies. Thus, resulting in companies being able to work smarter in decision making, automate and improve processes, and of course reach cost-related efficiency and specific return of investment goals.

The use of IoT is increasingly serving as a better enabler for making existing operations and processes smarter. This does not necessarily mean ‘the Internet’, or ‘the things’ are becoming smarter, as Industry 4.0 technology is often described, but rather the industrial organization and its operations are better able to operate those connected things and assets, via networked connectivity.

Industry 4.0 has been well-conceptualised over the past several years. The marketing of these technological solutions within industries has been adapted at a slower pace, however recent progress has significantly been noted over the past two to three years.


Summary Bullets:

  • IoT’s role in Industry 4.0 is not about making connectivity or sensors smarter.
  • IoT’s role is about making an enterprise’s operations smarter
  • IoT’s aim is to integrate advanced control and automation capabilities by connecting industrial assets.
  • This means updating and connecting existing industrial control systems, with the promise of further automating thousands of operational end points.
  • Top Industry 4.0 applications: Basic on/off commands, security functions
  • Optimisation of processes and of productivity is the main benefit that manufacturers see.


Research and Reference:

Industry 4.0 and the Promise of Smarter Operations Using IoT” by John Marcus – Principal Analyst, Enterprise Technology and Services

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