RADinsight TI – Threat Intelligence at the Edge

There is no doubt that this (image or video above) may appear to be… just a forest to the untrained eye, but in reality, it is one of the globe’s most complex communication networks.

As you may already know, trees not only share water and nutrients underground, but they also use fungi to send and receive distress signals about drought, disease, or insect attacks so that other trees can make changes in their behaviour accordingly as a response.

This communication system, which is based on fungi, is referred to by scientists as mycorrhizal networks.
As a result of their position at the very edge of networks, they have proven to be the most effective network protection solution that exists.

What is the relevance of this for us? Well, it is possible that your network is not that different from mycorrhizal networks.

As a result of our partnership with RADinsight TI, you can secure your network communication with maximum success. If you rely solely on scrubbing centres, your main source of protection may not be sufficient.

Your network needs an additional layer of edge protection. And RADInsight TI provides just that.

This software-based solution detects and mitigates threats at the network edge. It is not only fast and does not overload your network, but it also protects you from attacks originating on your own network.

As a result of RADInsight TI’s unique artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, it enables it to run forensics on network data and surgically block malicious traffic, giving your network a powerful line of defence against cybercriminals.

In nature, Mycorrhizal networks have proven to be so effective that they have produced the world’s largest known living organism to date:

RAD Insight TI is more modest: It offers superb protection, operational efficiency, and peace of mind – so your network, too, can thrive.

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