Connectivity and security are crucial for IoT’s future


It’s not always easy for businesses to realise the full potential of IoT. As technology evolves rapidly, choosing which IoT solution to invest in is difficult, and explaining the value to new and existing customers can be quite challenging. For organisations  to succeed in promoting IoT, their business cases must be strong. The focus should […]

Future of IoT: 5G, Industry 5.0 and eSIM Connectivity…


5G, Industry 5.0 and eSIM Connectivity Pivotal to Continuing Future IoT Momentum – According to Eseye’s Future of IoT Report Eseye, a leading provider of innovative, global IoT connectivity solutions has recently released its second annual report. In the analysis, 11 leading IoT decision-makers share their insights on ‘The Future of IoT’. Here IoT experts […]

ARMIS e ER TLC, una partnership che mira all’evoluzione digitale dei processi


ARMIS ed ER TLC hanno avuto oggi l’intuizione di condividere l’ampio know how e le conoscenze dei reciproci mercati, dando vita ad una partnership che mira all’evoluzione digitale dei processi. Armis è una piattaforma agentless di sicurezza progettata per proteggere le organizzazioni dalle minacce per tutti i device e apparati connessi in rete. Le aziende […]

Top Industrial IoT Trends of 2021


As several industries are benefiting from and continue to implement IoT technology into their workforce management initiatives, automation, and customer experience, including industries from retail, healthcare, and automotive manufacturing, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to be in high demand and growing at a rapid rate. So how are experts predicting the future of […]

The Digital Transformation of IoT and Manufacturing


With the advances in Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, manufacturers are actively being encouraged to incorporate and utilise IoT technology to keep up with the current competition. Using IoT technology within factories is transforming the manufacturing segment and bringing advantages to manufacturers, including how they streamline the supply chain to improve shipments and deliveries […]

How The IIoT And MES Work Together To Enhance Operations


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has almost become synonymous with smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. IIoT provides the platform for many smart manufacturing applications and the rapid deployment of in-demand smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR), digital twin threads, cloud and edge computing, and […]

ERTLC Silver Sponsor AC MONZA “Stagione 2021/2022”


Dopo la riconferma nella serie cadetta della società Brianzola arriva anche l’ufficialità del rinnovo della partnership per la stagione 2021/2022 tra ER TLC e AC MONZA. ER TLC dimostra nuovamente con questo accordo il grande supporto per la squadra biancorossa e la grande passione per lo sport. Riuscirà l’AC Monza quest’anno a fare il grande […]