Top Trends in CSP IoT and Private 5G Campus Services

Top Trends In Csp Iot And Private 5g Campus Services

IoT is a growing market for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Now that so many companies are using IoT, service providers are developing and launching specific offerings and data plans that simply offer connectivity aren’t the only thing they’re offering.  As IoT develops, it touches every industry from Healthcare to Manufacturing to Retail to Public Utilities […]

Smart Cities: Advancing Urban Spaces through IoT and Cloud Technologies

Smart Cities Iot (1)

Smart Cities have gained traction recently as urban areas deal with population growth, resource management, and infrastructure needs. In today’s tech-driven world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a powerful catalyst for driving urban development and making cities smart, sustainable, and efficient. Let’s look closely at IoT’s role in shaping the future of […]

A private 5G journey begins for Industry 4.0

A private 5G journey begins for Industry 4.0

Taken from article by Sharon Rozov, Marketing CTO, RAD Currently, industrial digitalisation is focused on increasing productivity, introducing energy and cost savings and ensuring employee safety through the use of hyper-automation. The use of data-driven tools for decision-making, control, and predictive maintenance will revolutionise operations, while immersive experiences will enhance knowledge management and enable remote […]

The latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for anomaly detection

The Latest Trends In Artificial Intelligence (ai) And Machine Learning For Anomaly Detection

Many fields require anomaly detection, including cybersecurity, networking, finance, healthcare, and more. It’s a way to spot data that differ from previous observations, such as deviations from normal distributions, expected probability distributions, or a change in the shape and amplitude of a signal in a time series.   Network anomalies The term anomaly describes a […]

How cloud computing will evolve from hybrid to edge to AI-powered

How cloud computing will evolve from hybrid to edge to AI-powered

Taking cloud computing to the next level will require Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play a big role in its work. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), there are ten basic types of clouds in all sorts of varieties. In today’s world, tech clouds aren’t all in data centres any more. Instead, many live entirely […]

M2M: What is Machine to Machine and how does it impact SMEs?

Robot Humanoid

With the development of various emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, among others, it has been achieved that machines themselves can communicate with each other, acting autonomously without the need for an operator in between. This is how M2M arises, something that we used to see in movies and […]

Smart farming: IoT applied to agriculture


Many technological advances and efforts have been made in the area of precision agriculture and solutions are now available to companies and farmers to get the most out of a farm. However, a world of new possibilities is now opening up for the sector. The opportunity has arisen to connect all these solutions to the […]

Smart factories and Industry 4.0: the next industrial frontier

smart factory process

Smart factories make use of the latest technology to optimize production. Through technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI, and other forms of digital automation. A factory can produce connected devices to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability. Read on to learn more about smart factories and their applications. Have you heard about smart factories […]

ER TLC – Verso il futuro

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ER TLC è una azienda fondata nel 2019 da un gruppo di professionisti affermati nel settore delle telecomunicazioni, con decenni di esperienza e anni di servizio presso aziende di distribuzione, vendita e assistenza di prodotti utilizzati da Service Provider, Utility, System Integrator.

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