5 IoT Solutions for Industrial Safety

Workplace safety is extremely critical, particularly in the industrial sector, where more than 400 million people suffer injuries on the job each year, and almost 3 million die from workplace-related illnesses and accidents. It has been found that traditional safety measures do not suffice to eliminate these hazards when tried. This is where the story’s heroes come into play: IoT tools. Here, we discuss sensors, wearables, and location tags that provide real-time data. Their role is comparable to that of your safety superheroes, preventing accidents and assisting in emergency rescue missions when things go awry.

Even though every workplace has its own unique hazards, five IoT systems can enhance safety in most industrial settings. 

Condition Monitoring Sensors

Here’s how it works: these smart sensors monitor industrial space temperature and humidity. If things heat up or get damp – danger zone alert! These sensors shoot a real-time message to your crew, giving them the heads-up to shut down malfunctioning machinery before things become problematic. And guess what? The detailed data from these sensors doesn’t just stop there; it helps predictive analytics anticipate possible hiccups in the future. With these real-time alerts and a crystal ball for machinery glitches, you’re slashing the chances of accidents that could land someone in a really sticky situation.

Entry and Authentication Wearables

Now, unauthorised interference with equipment or sneaky entries into potentially dangerous areas – not on our watch! We’ve got these clever wearables, like dynamic IoT tags, using near-field communication (NFC) technology to grant access only to the right people. And guess what else? They’re also your eyes on the ground, giving you real-time location data. So, if someone’s up to no good, your security squad’s getting the memo pronto.

Asset Tracking Tags

When things are serious, seconds count. Imagine someone needs urgent help; you want your response team to get there immediately. Asset tracking tags are your sidekick, ensuring your emergency gear – be it spill kits, defibrillators, or first aid kits – is always on the radar. No fumbling around in a crisis; they check the system and grab what they need quickly.

Vehicle Telematics Systems

Keep track of your work trucks’ performance with a mobile LTE gateway. Is the ignition on? Check. GPS tracking of location? Double-check. As well as that, it functions as a hub for all sorts of tracking devices – from temperature sensors to accelerometers – delivering real-time data on the movement of the vehicle. Are there any accidents or potential problems? This system will keep you informed by sending alerts. Oh, and if anything goes wrong with your refrigerated trailer – you will be notified immediately.

Don’t neglect the powerful role of IoT

An IoT system that improves safety generally provides a return on your investment with the first accident it prevents. As you work to create a safer industrial workplace, don’t neglect the powerful role of IoT. 

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